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Chiccheri is an affable name, evoking history. Chiccheri was the nickname of peasants who once lived where now sweet and delicate grapes grow. Is it a magical place? Chiccheri sounds like "chicco" (in Italian it means grape); hence the magic continues! Everything starts over again in the vineyards; year after year, harvest after harvest. Every vineyard, every row of vine to every single individual vine is carefully tended so that it can produce the best fruits possible. Day after day nature and man humbly do their job which concludes in august when the harvest starts and continues on until the end of October.

The Winery... Part two of the tale is to allow for solitude of our wines: the only "sound" is that of the wine which is "developing" and changing slowly. A lot of attention, but also charm and intensity occurs. Year after year the winery is the place where all the wines that make our lives pleasant are made.

Passion: one single word expressing our love, work, commitment and attention needed to transform grapes into wine, evident in all phases of wine production from the vineyard to the table. Hands and eyes that carefully observe and tend what "wildly" grows from the earth. Cantina Tenuta Chiccheri vini della Valpolicella

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