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From the stables of the Villa from the XVII Century, great-grandfather John Venturini walked down the narrow cobblestone alleyway which, after a few hundred meters, led him to the seventeenth century fountain of Pedemonte where he cultivated his very first pieces of land: Pigaro and Fontana.

From here he climbed the Masua hill where his beloved olive trees have since become secular. Villa Crine continues to inspire a great fascination in those who live or visit the villa and each occasion of restoration or minor maintance can reveal new findings or ancient historical relics.

In the tuff cellars special reserves are kept gelonging to the predecessors in the shade of the old memories and wooden barrels.

It all began when long ago, in 1883, great-grandfather John Venturini obtained one of the first diplomas given to wines and spirits as a prized winery in the historical Valpolicella. After Giovanni came Luigi, born in 1883, who also participated at the Horse Fair in Verona; then came Joseph, who with his early labels dating back to 1938, gave the name “Recchiotto” to the Recioto from Valpolicella, he was assisted in his work by his authoritarian mother Giovanna Lonardi.

Today, Giovanni Battista creates his wines with the intention of communicating their authenticity and the semplicity of old times taking to heart the valuable teachings which were handed down to him from his ancestors. He is in charge of the winery which at present owns a total of 8 hectares situated entirely in the historical Valpolicella Classica region with the help of his wife Mara who manages the commercial side, and with their children Giuseppe, a young student of Oenology and the still very young Diletta.

Cantina Villa vini classici della Valpolicella

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